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The Benefits of Automatic Watch Winders

The automatic watch winder mimics the motions of its wearer and maintains the watch’s functionality. For most people, watch winders are not necessary. Most experts agree that watch winders are convenience products, not necessarily for your every day watch. Prices for automatic watch winders can easily be into the thousands of dollars but are commonly used by collectors and watch enthusiasts. People who own very expensive, antique, collectible or beloved watches often do not wear them enough (if at all); in cases such as this, many people find that an automatic watch winder keeps their treasured items working nicely.

Kinetic watch winders are among the most popular and utilized winders on the market today. Like other common watch winders, they are based on the principle of using body motion to move the small, internal watch weight to keep the watch wound. The difference in kinetic watch winders and other winder products is the usage of a quartz crystal in the watch. Body movements, particularly the normal movement of the wrist, cause the crystal to act similar to a weight. The crystal becomes charged by these movements and can keep the watch operating properly for up to two weeks.

How can you determine if you may need a watch winder? Firstly, watch winders are considered useful as a convenience but not completely a necessary item. Most watches that are automatic will have “automatic” marked, usually on the fact of the watch. Another way to tell is if there is the absence of a compartment to hold a battery. Another instance in which one might need a watch winder is if he or she owns multiple automatic watches. Obviously, if you own more than one automatic watch, at least one of them will not be worn frequently. In order to prevent the less-than-frequently worn watches from running down, an automatic watch winder can be very handy. Basically, if you own more than one automatic watch or you wear your watch less than at least a few days a week, a watch winder might be something to consider.

Experts suggest that if you choose to purchase a watch winder to choose one with care. Some even suggest that buying a poor quality automatic watch winder is worse than not having one at all. Since automatic watches are designed to store energy based on human body movement, watch winders should be created to mimic those movements as closely as possible. Carefully crafted and designed watch winders perform fixed number of directions and types of movement. Poorly crafted watch winders may not have as smooth or delicate movements thereby causing unnecessary damage to the delicate workings of your treasured timepiece.

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